Let’s get nerdy! For our May installment of the Outdoor Nerds Unite Speaker Series, we welcome Dr. Valerie McKenzie from CU Boulder to discuss the rise in new wildlife disease that are occurring around the globe and locally. Some of the diseases that she will cover include Chronic Wasting disease and White Nose Syndrome. She will also cover a few cases of success stories where biologists have discovered solutions to improve wildlife health.

The event will be a 60-minute lecture-style talk followed by a Q&A.

Dr. Valerie McKenzie’s research interests combine the fields of parasitology, disease ecology, conservation biology, and herpetology. She works in a variety of places ranging from locally in Colorado to tropical rainforests. Much of her current projects involve fieldwork, labwork, meta-analyses, and applied conservation activities.

This series takes an academic look at adventure and environmental related themes. FERAL is bringing together thought leaders from a myriad of fields, and outdoor junkies for experimental conversations on varying topics. These FREE talks will bring in a different speaker to share their expertise with the outdoor community.