There are a lot of old habits in retail. Return policies. Call centers. Not telling your customers when items are going to be on sale in advance.

Lack of transparency is a huge issue in retail. Stores don’t want you to know their promotional schedule because they want you to buy now, or at the highest possible price. They don’t want you to know that the 20% off promotion you see now will actually be a 30% off promotion in 2 weeks.

Have you ever bought a pair of socks only to find out they were cheaper the following day? Of course. Why didn’t the cashier tell you they were going to be on sale? See above.

That mentality’s fundamental operating assumption is that customers are not to be trusted with information. We think that is awfully silly.

As a result, we are releasing our ENTIRE December promotional schedule, publicly and without redaction. No secrets, no surprises. You make decisions with the best possible information.

The theme of our holiday promotional schedule is very simple. The early deals are the best ones, but there is no bad day to shop. Either way, you can decide for yourself. Just the way it should be.