We’re hiring seasonal help for our Denver & Idaho Springs shops! 

We are seeking seasonal, part-time team members with extensive outdoor experience, a passion for sharing their story, and a burning desire to connect people with the mountains.

Note: We are less interested in your professional resume than we are your outdoor adventure experience. Actually, we don’t care about your professional resume at all. We won’t read it. Promise.

This position is part-time and seasonal through Christmas. Weekend availability is mandatory for consideration.


  • Competitive hourly rate.
  • Store discount.
  • Fun and sometimes ridiculous environment.

Required Skills:

  • Adventure ready at all times.
  • Extensive outdoor experience and gear knowledge.
  • Love for people. Love for strangers. Love for conversation. Love for dogs. 
  • Not a dick.  We consider that an important skill.

If this opportunity excites you, please complete the application with the link below. Cheers!

Pro tip: We’re pretty serious about not wanting to read your resume.

Apply Here!