FERAL is building something great, and we want to do it in collaboration with YOU.

We feel very strongly that Denver deserves a local alternative that stands tall against the corporate chain retailers. Truly independent and worthy of equal consideration against the big guys. We are now in a position to build just that.

FERAL has been afforded the opportunity to build a world-class local outdoor shop in the historic Flesher-Hinton building on Tennyson St. We want to turn the loss of our current building to a development project into a big win for FERAL and our community.

We’re offering BIG perks for our community’s support of this project, including, but not limited to 25% OFF Gift Cards, a Lifetime Discount, and unique personalized perks.

We’ve always taken a unique and community-driven approach to everything we do, and we didn’t want this to be any different. If you plan to shop at FERAL in the future, supporting this campaign is the best way to lock in the absolute best deal, while helping us build a shop that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Without further delay…. here is the campaign: