There are a lot of old habits in traditional retail stores. Return policies. Call centers. Not telling your customers when items are going to be on sale in advance. Well, we’re not your average retail store.

Unfortunately, lack of transparency is something we see time and time again in retail. Stores typically don’t want you to know their promotions because they want you to buy now, or at the highest possible price. That mentality not only wants you to spend more money but is also operating on the assumption that customers are not to be trusted with information. We think that is awfully silly.

That’s why we’re not keeping any secrets. We are giving you full access to our ENTIRE in-store December promotional schedule. You make your own decisions with the best possible information.

The theme of our holiday promotional schedule is very simple. The early deals are the best ones, but there is no bad day to shop. Either way, you can decide for yourself. Just the way it should be.

Can’t make it in stores? Check out our online store for a similar assortment of deals also available through Christmas.